Monday, 2 September 2013


After the flying/roadtrip last year, I sold the aircraft and trailer, thinking I was finished with that adventure.....
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But I had the photos from that trip running as the screen saver on my home computer, so they made me really long for more.  Then out of curiosity, I had a quick look at Barnstormers (where aircraft are advertised for sale), and spotted an aircraft and trailer combo for sale.....  Turned out that I had met the owner and the aircraft in California last year, so knew it was a good rig.  The temptation was way too much and I bought it right away!

So now I was committed to another adventure, and all that goes along with that.....  Found a camper van advertised in Phoenix, and made another deal.

Then early August found myself sitting in a 777 airliner high over the Pacific Ocean, with the combination of excitement and trepidation that comes with starting out on an adventure like this.....

Arrived in Phoenix and stepped out into the blast oven that it's like there that time of year.  Picked up the van and headed to Hesperia, California to pick up the aircraft.  Then hit the road, via Flagstaff and Albuquerque, to Golden Colorado.

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