Thursday, 15 August 2013

To Leadore, ID

Away early, and rolling through grand SW Montana scenery.

Then up and over the continental divide through the Bannock Pass.  Lewis and Clark actually went by the nearby Lemhi Pass, but the roadmap looked to be a bit too rough to tow the trailer.  As it was the Bannock road was lots of gravel and dust, but sure was good to be right away from tourist traffic.

Then down the western side and into Leadore, Idaho.  Just a gas station, a general store, a hunting outfitter, and a bar.  At the outfitter's a hunter was loading up the quarters of an elk that he had shot with a bow and arrow, first day of the season.

The airstrip was deserted, and in poor condition, but just right for me.

 Flew the valley.
Lots of cattle feeding down there.
Since I've been in the US all the cattle I've seen are black angus or angus cross.
That 'Angus Burger' marketing campaign by the angus breeders has been very successful.
 I've only seen one small herd of herefords......
Must have devastating for hereford breeders, all those bulls and no one wants them.....
I reckon no one can tell the difference between angus and hereford steaks, 
but marketing has done it.....

Tried to fly up to Lemhi Pass, but there was an easterly wind blowing over the range, 
and I know not to fly into the lee of mountains like that,  
so just had a look from the distance.....
Lewis and Clark crossed that range on horses, following an old Indian trail.

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