Friday, 2 August 2013

Last day of the roadtrip....

Flew to the Algodones Sand Dunes.  Much better from the air than from the ground.

Then flew around looking at the Imperial Valley agriculture scene.

Very intensive industrial farming. 

Of course it all depends upon that aqueduct bringing water to the desert.

But time is running out, so this will have to be the end of the roadtrip, so loaded up and headed for Brian Ranch....

Back through the freeway traffic.  It's a real pain with this California restriction of 55mph for all vehicles towing.  Everyone else is going 70, so traffic comes up very fast from behind and then darts around either side, making lane change very difficult.....  I reckon that rule defeats it's purpose, and makes the situation more risky than if we all were at a similar speed....

Headed down into the smog in the Los Angeles basin.

Got back to Brian Ranch to find the wind still blowing hard.  Sure glad I got these last couple of days of really good flights!

Back at Brian Ranch the flag shows that it's still blowing hard....

Covered 7600 miles on the roadtrip.
20 hrs flying time.

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