Saturday, 3 August 2013

Well, what a day!

Rolled on into Blythe and found the airfield.  A local pilot confirms that they just ignore the MOA (Military Operations Area).....  I've heard this many times over here.  Of course the MOA designation is not a 'Restricted' area as I keep thinking, it's just a warning that there may be military activity.  He said there has hardly ever been a military flight through there that he knows about...  Good enough for me, so unloaded and away.

Found the intaglios right away.  There  are more than I had realized, 3 human figures and two animals.  I had wanted to fly this site ever since I heard about it a couple of years ago.  Conditions were perfect!

 I found three human and two animal figures.
The largest human image is 172ft (52m) tall.

The Colorado River in the background.

These were quite impressive, but not as finely done or as large as the 'Marree man' in Australia .  (...scroll down to 8th photo...) (After viewing click on'Back' button)  But of course the Indians didn't have a tractor and plow.....

Then packed up and headed for the Imperial Valley.  The massive Mesquite gold mine reminded me of Western Australia.  Then through the Algodones Dune field, very impressive.  Gonna fly back there tomorrow morning...

Unloaded at Calipatria airfield.  Completely deserted, just a lot of irrigation pipes stored here, and a lot of rubbish.  Gate not locked.

Set up and flew late afternoon, 
first to the infamous 'Slab City'
(After viewing click on 'Back' button)
 It's not real impressive from the air this time of year, 
but gets fully populated by 'snow birds' during the winter.

Slab City with 'Salvation Mountain' lower left.

'Salvation Mountain', the work of a very dedicated local 'artist'.

 A large photovoltaic power station.

Then flew on to the Salton Sea.  
I've been interested in seeing the Salton Sea ever since I heard the incredible history
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 Interesting drainage patterns. 
The zigzag dikes funnel flood water through the culverts under the rail and road.

Lots of bird life down there.
The fish from that polluted water aren't suitable for human consumption,
but the birds thrive....

 The community of Bombay Beach.
Mostly retired people who want to get away from it all.

 The 'Fountain of Life' RV park nearby.
Retired 'snowbirds' come here for the ideal winter weather,
and the mineral hot springs.

A very large cattle feedlot near Calipatria.
This is the 'retirement home' for aging dairy cows from far away.
I wonder how many 'Angus Burgers' really come from here.....
Actually cow meat makes pretty good hamburgers....

There's another large feedlot on the other side of town,
so the odour is present whichever way the breeze moves....

I don't have the time to search out this area as much as I'd like to right now, but sure glad that I got this first look at it.

I sure am glad that I kept going and didn't stop the trip at Brian Ranch yesterday.....

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