Sunday, 18 August 2013

Exquisite flight!

Just came down from an exquisite flight!
Heavy rain last night, but when the clouds cleared away and the sun broke through, conditions and lighting were perfect.
Flying around light fluffy low clouds, rising and dissipating.
Flew back to the River in The Breaks and had another good look around.
Throttled right back, so the engine quiet and peaceful, just holding altitude, floating along.....

When I got down I just had to do a big WAAAA-Hoooo!!!
Just feels so good after an experience like that!

Now I'm ready to pack up and find out what's goin' on elsewhere elsewhere....

Of course Lewis and Clark followed along the river, to the series of waterfalls that gave them such difficulty, and Great Falls city its name.  Took a month to portage around them.
But they are right next to Malmstrom Airforce Base, so I couldn't fly in that airspace.

Lots of windmills and snow fences say that they get lots of wind here....

 This is a blade from one of those huge wind turbines.

On to Three Forks, Montana.  I was here last year, and really like this area.

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  1. Hello John. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your writings. The more I read the more I'm thinking I have to follow in your footsteps. Your combination of RV plus plane sounds perfect.
    What did you say about next year??
    Tell me one thing. Did you put your VGs on this plane??
    Many thanks