Thursday, 8 August 2013

'Fort Rock' and 'Hole in the Ground'

Fine and clear this morning, so unloaded and set up.
Few out to find 'Fort Rock' and 'Hole in the Ground' that I'd seen on the map.

Fort Rock is volcanic in origin, known as a tuft ring.

 Nearby is this feature called by the Indians, 'Hole in the Ground'
It's not a meteorite crater, but is also volcanic in origin.
At the time it was formed it was under a lake, 
Hot magma forced up from below caused an explosion 
when the water turned instantly to steam.

Summer Lake and the escarpment.

 Interesting patterns harvesting wheat from a round field like this.
When they cut hay in these round fields they just go in ever decreasing circles...

Silver Lake forestry service airstrip.
Deserted, just as I like it...

Excellent flight, so it was worth the wait.

While I was stopped by the road loading these photos
near Adel, while I still have internet signal,
this mule deer sauntered by.

Found an excellent camping place off the highway,
at the top of a 6600ft pass with a view to watch a full moon rising.

A cold night at this altitude, frost on the grass.
But I'm originally a Canadian, and we know how to stay warm, whatever the temp.
There's an old Canadian saying,
"...There's no inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing..."
So a couple of good sleeping bags, one inside the other.

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