Sunday, 11 August 2013

End of Lewis and Clark Trail

Drove on down to the coast under low overcast and drizzling rain.....

On to the Old Fort Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark and party camped for the winter 1805-06.
Their records showed that they only had 12 days without rain all that winter, so I guess I saw it on a typical day....

This is a replica of the actual fort that they built.
I can't understand why they pitched the roofs such that all the rain
 dripped down over their doorways and into the courtyard,
so every time they stepped out of their rooms they'd be wet again.....
I would have thought an Indian-style lodge,
with the a roof over the whole lot,
fire in the middle,
and accommodation around the outside,
would have been a lot drier and more comfortable....

So that was the end of the Lewis and Clark Trail that I'd followed pretty much all the way from Fort Mandan in North Dakota to here.  I find it fascinating to try to imagine what it was like for the explorers, who had no idea what was ahead, but pushed on anyhow.  As I've mentioned before, if I was a young fella back then I would have probably found a way to join such an expedition into the unknown...,....

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  1. I have to agree,
    The Lewis and Clark Expedition has all ways Intrigued me too.
    Would love to Kayak it someday.
    Safe and Fun Fly'n Bob